Toshiba 64GB Hayabusa USB3.0

รหัสสินค้า: THN-U301W0640C4
ยี่ห้อ: Toshiba
เงื่อนไขสินค้า: New

Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 features a compact design and has a capacity of 64GB. This stylish device will let you carry important data along with you wherever you go.

Plug and Play Feature

The Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 comes with the plug and play feature that allows you to use it without any installation procedure.

Compact & Portable Design

The Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 is made of quality material and its casing is shock-resistant. It is black in colour, which makes it look even more attractive. Additionally, the shape and contours that the casing forms is ergonomic and promotes easy handling. The Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 is compact in design which makes it easy to carry as well.

64GB Storage Capacity

 This Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 has a storage capacity of 64GB. Now you can store a huge load of media files, data files and a lot more without any hassle.

Simple Drag-and-Drop File Backup

The Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 comes with the drag and drop feature, which adds to the aspect of convenience. Thanks to this feature, you can simply drag and drop files into the flash drive folder to transfer the files.

High Transfer Speed

The Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 interface allows data transfer at high speed. With a double that of standard USB2.0 technology, you can now rely on this flash drive for highly optimised data transfer and, therefore, maximised and improved productivity.

Other Important Features

With a high data reliability rate and data retention rate, the Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 is one of the most efficient ones presently available in the market. The flash drive is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. The Toshiba Hayabusa TransMemory USB3.0 is Backed by a 5 Year Warranty in Thailand from Legend Thailand

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